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Texted photo lab pics spoil pregnancy surprise, couple says


NewsHubJordan Areaux says her surprise was spoiled.
Working in a store photo lab, or repairing someone’s photo-filled phone, allows you a certain insight into other people’s lives.
Of course, you’re supposed to be professional about it and not gawk, linger or overshare. But for some, surely, the temptation to rummage through the photos is simply too great to bear. Perhaps they’re even tempted to copy one or two.
This is what Jordan Areaux and her boyfriend, Masyn Lehl, say happened when they handed in their pregnancy announcement photos, meant as a surprise, to a Meijer grocery store photo lab in Plainwell, Michigan.
As WWMT-TV reports , this is the couple’s first baby, so they wanted to take pictures and slip them into Christmas gifts with their announcement.
“It would be the first grandbaby in our family, and my grandma actually has cancer, so we were going to kind of surprise her,” Areaux told WWMT.
Instead, they say, Meijer photo lab employees took pictures of their pictures and texted them around greater Plainwell.

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