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The Week in Apple News: The future of Apple Music, GarageBand and Logic Pro X updates, iPad and iPhone rumors, and more


NewsHubThe past week was relatively quiet, but there are a few key Apple-related headlines. Check out the important ones in this slideshow. Just click on the link to get more information.
If Apple Music seems freewheeling, that’s because it is. It’s laying out a future for the music industry, but right now, the path ahead is murky. The company is seemingly figuring things out as it goes—a far cry, metaphorically speaking, from the perfectly designed rectangle of the iPod.
With this new update that enables iCloud File Sharing between [GarageBand and Logic Pro X], Apple is hoping that GarageBand could give Logic Pro X users a mobile-friendly way for on-the-go editing.
The lawsuit alleges that Apple puts profit before consumer safety. According to the filing, the company has had the technology to prevent texting and driving since 2008 – and even received a patent on it in 2014 – but refuses to use it over concerns that it will lose market share to other phone-makers who do not limit consumer use.

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