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TR's 12 days of giveaways: Corsair's huge gift haul


NewsHubEvening, gerbils! We’re broadcasting today from TR Europe, as Santa said he was tired of being fed milk and cookies. We prepared him a bowl of caldo verde , a good helping of bacalhau , and a chalice of Port wine as a digestive.
We think the promise of food might make him extra generous, and… brrrr that’s a cold wind. Wait, what the…?! The food is all gone? Who’s burping in the distance? There’s a note on the table saying “thanks! ” next to a huge bag. Well, that was certainly a moment. Let’s see what Santa left us by way of thanks.
Opening the bag now, get the cameras ready… oh, wow. This is a ton of gear. The folks at Corsair are crazy. We have a K70 Lux RGB Keyboard , a Carbide 400Q chassis , an RM650x power supply , a Hydro Series H100i v2 CLC, and a two-pack of ML120 fans to top it all off. Jeez. Let’s take a deeper look.
First off, the shiny stuff—in this case, the Corsair K70 Lux RGB keyboard (worth $160). If audiophile descriptions were used for keyboards, we’d call the K70 Lux RGB a “reference” model for a rainbow-lit keyboard. An aluminum backplate, a generous wrist-rest, tank-worthy construction overall, and keys that “hover” over the backplate are this keyboard’s distinguishing characteristics. A set of multimedia keys and a volume roller complement the main feature set. The particular model on offer comes with Cherry MX Red key switches.
Next up is the Corsair Carbide 400Q chassis (goes for $100). This compact case is, in our opinion, a beauty. Under its all-metal exterior, there’s sound-proofing material across the front, side, and top panels. Despite its compact dimensions, the 400Q can still take in a full-sized ATX mobo.

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