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: When will GTA6 be released and what will it be like?


NewsHubEasily the most anticipated game this year is that of GTA 6. Following on from the monumental success of GTA 5 , which has sold over 70 million copies since its release in 2013, the new instalement has a lot to live up to. This could explain why the franchise developer Rockstar Games is taking its time, making sure that everything about the next open world adventure meets the standards of its illustrious predecessor.
Details about the upcoming title are still thin on the ground but we’ve collected everything we know so far into this article, which we’ll update regularly as new revelations come to light. So if you’re hungry to know what to expect after the last exploits in San Andreas, read on.
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As Rockstar is yet to even confirm the existence of GTA 6 there is no set release date. We do know that the developer has recently announced the upcoming release of Red Dead Redemption 2 , so with that title finished it would make sense for the company to turn its attentions to the crown jewel itself.
There is no great hurry for Rockstar though, as the continued development of the GTA Online platform, alongside new additons such as the Tron inspired Online Deadline, means that there is plenty of life (and money) still to be found in the existing worlds.
We expect to see GTA 6 on both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles, with perhaps graphically revved versions for the new Xbox One S and Playstation Pro machines. PCs will hopefully see a faster release this time around, after lagging a couple of years behind the consoles in GTA 5.

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