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Google fights fake news in search with 'fact check' tags


The search giant is expanding use of the feature, which it launched for Google News last year.
Google is adding a fact check tag to some search results.
Google is bringing tools to fight fake news to its most important and iconic product: search.
The tech giant said early Friday that it’s adding “fact check” labels to some of the results in its search engine. So, if you search for something and a story from a credible fact-checking source like PolitiFact or Snopes comes up, those stories will get that label.
For those stories, the search result will show a snippet that says what the claim is about, who made the claim, and who fact-checked it. For example, if you type in a stat like, “27 million people enslaved,” Google will bring up a PolitiFact story with a judgment that says the claim is “mostly true. ”
In October, the search giant introduced the fact check label for Google News in a few countries. But now Google is expanding use of the tag to search, as well as Google News in every other country where it’s available.
Tackling the spread of misinformation has been a high-profile problem for the world’s biggest tech companies.

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