Mozilla released its privacy-focused web browser last year, making it available exclusively on iPhones and iPads. Today, it announced that its security-focused browser is now available on Android too.
In November, Mozilla introduced Firefox Focus, a mobile web browser that it said was “designed to be fast, simple and always private.” It launched exclusively for iPhones and iPads last year, but today, Mozilla is bringing Firefox Focus to Android devices too.
“Like the iPhone and iPad version, ” it said today, “the Android app is free of tabs and other visual clutter, and erasing your sessions is as easy as a simple tap.” The app also blocks ad trackers, “because they not only track your behavior without your knowledge, they also slow down the web on your mobile device, ” Mozilla added.
For Mozilla’s release of Firefox Focus on Android, it explained that it’s added these features to the browser:
Mozilla claims Focus will provide “a great default browser experience, ” adding:
You can get a further overview of Firefox Focus for Android in the video below:
Source: Mozilla Blog

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