Witnesses heard the suspect scream that he wanted to “kill all Muslims.”
One all of Manhattan hot and at one run to hug him and give him the first. And the 1008. Run come and he all of the apartment around him and I still living on planet in the guy’s got about Sandler film isn’t gonna I think he thought it. And to go around it this around him. Police chemist at the time this happened within knife on him. And CC check yes you know when it happened but it went around a movie with. Calling the police came within the agency in his home and his deputies him I couldn’t believe it happened in the distance Obama from the eye development and look what just happened. In my area but this is this is something. Does deliver the Donald Imus. I was a delivery driver I’ve seen it happen as soon as we got a virus I noticed that delivers to do I left the scene. Who lives put up five minutes I was there is something that I’ll never have again.
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