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Galaxy Note 8 may have just appeared on Samsung's Twitter


Samsung could have just revealed the Galaxy Note 8 in a unrelated tweet on an official Twitter account.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch is rumored to be a little more than a month away, but Samsung may have accidentally revealed the design of the phone in an official tweet. Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung’s Exynos Twitter account (which has almost 80k followers) shared a promo image for the new Samsung Exynos 8895 chipset, which is expected to be used in the Galaxy Note 8. That’s not the most interesting part though as that chipset is resting on top of a phone we haven’ t seen before. Exynos Twitter account
Below you can see the image where you can see the phone we think may be the Galaxy Note 8.
Do what you want. #Exynos will get things done. Learn more about #Exynos8895: https: //t.co/xjBw74E39o pic.twitter.com/zzxH7NE3QU July 13,2017 July 13,2017
At first look, you may think it’s a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus, but the bezel at the top is thinner which means it’s not either of those devices. Samsung Galaxy S8 Galaxy S8 Plus
You’ ll also notice how there are no hardware buttons on the right hand side of the phone, which suggests this may be just a mock-up or a shell for a new device instead of a full teaser for the Galaxy Note 8.
Rumors have suggested we should expect Samsung to include both a Bixby button and a volume rocker on that side of the device when it officially launches
This may turn out to be a generic image of a Samsung device, but considering how the company is connecting the new processor with the launch of the new phone it may be that this is the best look at the Note 8 we’ ve had so far.
August 23 is the rumored launch date for the new phablet, so it won’ t be long until we hear more from Samsung about the release for the new phone and exactly what spec we can expect on the latest Note phablet. Everything we know so far about the Galaxy Note 8 Galaxy Note 8
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