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Trump weighs sanctions against China to pressure Beijing to halt North Korea threat


US president’s aides reportedly plan to use trade restrictions and economic measures against China to press Beijing to rein in Pyongyang
US President Donald Trump’s top advisers are crafting a set of measures, including trade restrictions and economic sanctions against China, to further press North Korea’s major ally to rein in Pyongyang’s escalating nuclear weapons threat, US media reported.
Trump’s aides met over the weekend and will continue their discussions on Monday, with a final decision expected as soon as this week, Politico reported, citing two administration officials as sources. However, the officials said it is too early to say what the president might decide, according to the Washington-based news website.
The move comes after North Korea successfully test-launched on Friday a second intercontinental ballistic missile. David Wright, an arms control expert at the Union of Concerned Scientists, a nonprofit US science advocacy organisation, said in a blog that the latest rocket would be capable of reaching the US west coast and a number of major US cities such as Los Angeles.
Trump believes that China is not doing enough to stop Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons programme. In a Twitter message last Saturday, Trump expressed his frustration and linked it with the two nations’ trade disputes.

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