Sessions told the House Judiciary Committee that he now remembers the meeting with adviser George Papadopoulos, after reading news reports about it.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Tuesday that he did not recall meetings he had during President Donald Trump ‘s 2016 campaign with campaign advisors who said they had communicated with Russian officials about potentially aiding the Trump campaign.
“I had no recollection of this until I saw these news reports,” Sessions told the House Judiciary Committee, in reference to meetings of the campaign’s national security team, attended by campaign advisers George Papadopoulos and Carter Page.
Sessions also said the Trump campaign was too chaotic for him to remember everything that happened.
Both Papadopoulos and Page have said they discussed their contacts with Russian officials at campaign meetings. Papadopoulos said he raised the prospect of a Trump trip to Russia at a meeting where Sessions was present. Page has said he told Sessions in person about a speech he was giving in Russia in the summer of 2016.
But in October, Sessions told a Senate committee that he was “not aware” that anyone associated with the campaign had communicated with Russian officials.
From Sessions’ prepared testimony:

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