“We have seen Russian activity…”
The dust has yet to settle after the Russian government’s interference with the 2016 election, and now intelligence officials are saying they’re at it again.
CIA Director Mike Pompeo discussed the matter with the Senate Intelligence Committee, confirming fears.
“We have seen Russian activity and intentions to have an impact on the next election cycle,” Pompeo said.
Adm. Mike Rogers, the head of the National Security Agency, and National Intelligence Director Dan Coats corroborated Pompeo’s statement, according to ABC News.
A new report addresses the threat Russian interference poses. According to Fox News, it says:
In the next year, Russian intelligence and security services will continue to probe U. S. and allied critical infrastructures, as well as target the United States, NATO, and allies for insights into U. S. policy.
The 2018 U. S. midterm elections are a potential target for Russian influence operations.
“Russians stepped up their game with cyber, in particular, in 2016,” Coats added to the assessment, according to the Associated Press .
It has also not been made public how the intelligence community is attempting to combat this interference.

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