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No Zion Williamson is bad enough, but No. 7 pick? Another rough night for Bulls


Williamson instantly would’ve brought as much excitement to this town as any first-round draft pick on any team, ever. But how about that Coby White!
I know what you’re thinking:
New Orleans has an NBA team?
No, not really.
But if the Bulls were going to lose out on the No. 1 pick in the upcoming draft, as they did in Tuesday night’s televised lottery from the Palmer House hotel, couldn’t it have been to one of the three teams with better percentage chances of winning the Zion Williamson sweepstakes? At least then, the rest of us would’ve had a renewed sense of purpose. And that purpose would’ve been tearing the Bulls a new one for failing at the whole tanking thing.
If we’ve learned anything over these long, hard years since Derrick Rose’s knee went kablooey, it’s that tearing the Bulls a new one is fun! (Or is that just me?)
Instead, it’s the Pelicans. It’s anticlimactic. We’re going to have to get used to the Pels being relevant, at least in a talked-about-24-7-on-ESPN sort of way. It’s going to be weird, largely because people are going to be saying “Pels” a lot.
But enough about the lucky Pels, whoever they are. Let’s talk about the unlucky Bulls. Let’s talk about old No. 7, the pick the Bulls are stuck with once again. Going into the lottery, they had a 16.7% chance of being stuck with the seventh pick, as opposed to a 12.5% shot at the top pick and a roughly 50% shot to end up in the top four.
Zion Williamson would’ve been like No. 1 overall pick Rose in 2008, only a rarer talent. He would’ve been like Blackhawks No.

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