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Black Friday Chromebook deals 2021: the best sales now live


Black Friday Chromebook deals are here, and we’ve rounded up the very best.
Black Friday Chromebook deals are continuing to appear across the internet, now that we’re just a day away from Black Friday. Chromebooks have always been fantastic value for money (which makes them some of the best student laptops you can buy), and these early Black Friday Chromebooks deals mean now is an even better time to get one of these great devices. With a growing number of Black Friday Chromebook deals live, we’ve made things as easy as possible by rounding up all the best offers right here, and will be updating this page regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on any great deals. Black Friday Chromebook deals are set to improve upon last year’s offers. While it was still possible to find a super cheap offer last year, sub-$200 / £200 prices were still on the table, the specs on offer weren’t nearly as valuable as those in similarly discounted models we’ve already spotted this year. We’re seeing far more 14-inch and 15.6-inch Chromebooks with more powerful Intel N4000-series processors and 64GB of storage up for grabs at between $150 and $250 (£150 / £250) these days. Last year it was possible to pick up these display sizes with a similar level processor and 32GB of storage for a good price, but these discounts were few and far between – and rapidly sold out. Black Friday Chromebook deals in 2021 are poised to offer much better value for money in this price range. We’re already seeing far more choice in the $100-$300 / £100-£300 price bracket, with specs offering 64GB of storage and more powerful Intel N4000-series processors, in 2021. Come November, we may see more discounts on models offering larger 128GB storage systems and premium 2-in-1 convertible displays as well.

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