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Celebrities, world leaders react to Salman Rushdie stabbing


Celebrities and world leaders voiced their shock on social media as author Salman Rushdie fights for his life on a ventilator after he was stabbed on Friday.
The 75-year-old writer was attacked on stage at a literary event in upstate New York and will likely lose one of his eyes as a result of the unexpected attack.
Rushdie’s alleged attacker, 24-year-old Hadi Matar, of Fairview, NJ, was arrested at the scene by a state trooper who was assigned to the lecture.
President Joe Biden led tributes as he issued a White House statement after learning that Rushdie is in critical condition.
“Today, the country and the world witnessed a reprehensible attack against the writer Salman Rushdie,” the POTUS said in a statement. “This act of violence is appalling.”
“All of us in the Biden-Harris Administration are praying for his speedy recovery. We are thankful to good citizens and first responders for helping Mr. Rushdie so quickly after the attack and to law enforcement for its swift and effective work, which is ongoing.”
Echoing Biden’s sentiment, the outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson took to Twitter to voice his concerns over the attack.

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