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GitLab 8.15 Introduces Auto Deploy and Web Terminal


NewsHubThe latest GitLab version, 8.15 , provides new CD/CI features aimed to automate deployments on a variety of platforms and to make it easier to reach your staging or production deployments through a command line interface.
GiLab Auto Deploy will automatically deploy an application using Docker to a container scheduler, such as Docker Swarm, Google Kubernetes, and Apache Mesos. Auto Deploy uses predefined templates to adapt to various infrastructure providers. Templates describe how to package an app, set up the infrastructure, and launch any required services. At the moment, GitLab provides one reference template that will create a Docker image and then deploy it to Kubernetes on Open Shift. All available templates are hosted in a specific repository.
Auto Deploy is fully integrated with Review Apps , a GitLab feature that allows to create ephemeral app environments whose life-cycle is bound to a specific branch.

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