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If you're going on a Samsung VR flight, don't wear a dress


NewsHubSamsung’s 4D VR rides tilt you every which way — including upside down — as they simulate space racing and other demos.
If you’re going to soar over Sydney in a plane, don’t wear a dress — at least not if your flight is one of Samsung’s wild 4D VR demos.
I learned that the hard way when I showed up this past week at the Las Vegas Convention Center during CES. I wanted to try out Samsung’s demos that have seemingly endless lines of conference attendees, but I quickly found out that some of those demos have a dress code.
Samsung’s made a huge push over the past couple years with its $99 Gear VR headset. You slide a newer Samsung phone into the headset, put it over your eyes and are instantly transported to new places. So far, there are 5 million Gear VR headsets in use globally, and people have watched more than 10 million hours of video in Gear VR.
To show people even more what virtual reality can do, Samsung’s been offering 4D VR rides at trade shows, its New York office and other venues that make you physically feel the virtual reality videos you’re watching on a Gear VR. You strap on the VR device as you sit in a special seat that uses hydraulics to physically simulate the virtual twists and turns of a roller coaster or Santa’s sleigh.

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