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Video: Eyewitness Describes Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting


NewsHubWe want to bring in an eyewitness to the shooting, mark lea who was right next to the shooter when he opened fire. Mark, first and foremost, thanks so much for joining us. You’re pretty traumatized. How are you? I’m a little tired. Has not fully set in. Kind of surreal. What did you see? We were just kind of almost getting ready to leave one of the doors and heard three quick raps — I turned towards where the noise was coming from. A pause after the three rounds which then people also were realizing that was gunfire. A lot of screaming, a lot of kind of yelling and people frantically trying to run to the exits to try to get out, take cover. How long did the shooting last? I would say about 45 seconds total. What was the gunman demeanor during the attack. He did not say a single thing. He was just emotionless like a blank sheet of paper. What were you doing during the attack. I got my wife out of the building, from there after she got out of the building, there was a number of older ladies that had fallen in the exitway so went back in to help them get out. The shooter is walking in the same direction as me. Both you and the shooter were walking towards one another. Was there a moment you thought I might not make it out alive. The thought ran through me. I did not want to become a casualty. Are you surprised he stopped when he did? He ran out of ammunition. That’s why he stopped shooting. What I’m hearing from you is an extraordinary account of bravery and courage. Did adrenaline kick in. People ask what I was thinking to walk back into an active shooting scene and walk towards the shooter. I really didn’t think. We want to thank you for your extraordinary bravery and for sharing your story with us this morning on „Good morning America. “ Thank you. My honor. He had a chance to leave but he decided to go back and help people. But he was also on the flight. You know, we know that Santiago flew to Minneapolis and he was on that same flight and said no disturbances from any other passengers. Incredible what he did.
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