Google Home finally gets a much anticipated feature that lets it know who’s talking.
Google’s personal assistant just got more personal.
Starting today, you’ll be able to link multiple accounts to the Google Home — the search giant’s always-listening speaker. As before, if you ask the $130 Google Home to tell you about your day, it will give you info on your commute and tell you about events on your calendar. Now, if you significant other asks the same question, the Google Home will personalize its response for him or her.
You can link up to six accounts to the Google Assistant built into the Home via the Home app. Select „Link your account“ from the devices tab, and Google will walk you through training the device to recognize your voice. Google prompts you to say „OK Google“ and „Hey Google“ — the wake words for the Home — two times each.
Use the Home app to teach Google to recognize your voice.
Anyone else who sets up an account will go through the same process, and Google will use this training to distinguish your voice when you give a command and respond accordingly. Google can play customized playlists, in addition to telling you about your schedule and commute.

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