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Microsoft warning over accidental release of Windows 10 test build to Insider Program members


Microsoft taking steps to ensure that ‚rogue‘ builds aren’t released in future
Microsoft has accidentally released an update to Windows 10 to members of its Insider Program due to what it describes as an „inadvertent deployment“.
The build entitled (from RS_EDGE_CASE) is said to „include issues that impact usability of your PC – more so than the normal builds we give you“, which probably means „even more borked than usual“, though to be fair, as they’re on a public Beta, it’s what they’ve signed-up for.
Windows Mobile users will suffer a bigger problem if they try to install (from RS_IoT) on devices. This will cause a boot loop – the scourge of the mobile world – and will require the Windows Device Recovery Tool to force a reflash, which will then require rejoining the Insider Programme.
If it has downloaded but not installed, you’ll need to backup and reset.
For Windows 10 users it’s a bit easier. First off, if you’ve had the build offered and you’re not in the Insider Programme, it just won’t install, pure and simple.
If you are an Insider, you can rollback the installation for the next ten days. Microsoft has pledged not to release any new builds this week to give everyone time to return to the righteous path.
Rolling back won’t wipe your data – the problem only comes if you’ve done a Disk CleanUp which wipes previous builds. And you’d have to be daft to do that. Unless you’re using a 16GB tablet. In which case you might have to. But you’d have to be daft to run an Insider build on a 16GB tablet too, so all is fair and all that.
If you haven’t installed it, the good news is that it has almost certainly disappeared from view by now and if it hasn’t then it certainly won’t install.
Microsoft has apologised and confirmed it has taken steps to ensure that such rogue builds don’t happen again.
At the moment, many people are still waiting for the official Creators‘ Update, two months after launch, as problems continue to prevail with certain drivers. However, they’re really not missing much.
It hasn’t stopped Microsoft confirming that Redstone 3 will be known as the Creators‘ Update 2 and be released in the autumn.

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