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Ubisoft: Rainbow Six Hate Speech Will Now Be Punishable By Banning


Rainbow Six hate speech will now be punished more severely, according to Ubisoft, with reports being punishable by anything up to a permanent ban from the game’s online servers.
Ubisoft is putting its foot down when it comes to Rainbow Six hate speech. The Ubisoft Code of Conduct, which is supposed to govern the behavior of players in-game, will now be enforced with permanent bans to the game if players attack people with hate speech during Rainbow Six games.
Hate speech is an unfortunately common occurrence in video games, as players who are salty about losing or are laughing at dominating another team call their sexuality into question, insult their mother, and yell racist or sexual slurs. While the stereotype comes from it being squeaky-voiced pre-teens trying to sound tough, many actual gamers do this as well.
Ubisoft cracking down on Rainbow Six hate speech will, if not stopping it entirely, will at least hopefully cut down on it a great deal, lest players who can’t watch their mouths get banned permanently and not be able to go online again.
The studio has started this process by adding in a reporting system, which is intended to report players who are using exploits or are hacking the game. However, if players log into their Ubisoft accounts and communicate directly with a member of the support team, they can report hate speech in the game after it ends and they have a chance to see who was doing it.
Normally, bans would stretch anywhere from two to 15 days, but depending on the severity of the situation, players could also be permanently banned from the game, so players should probably be on their best behavior while playing.
While it may take a while to see if the threat of being permanently banned from playing online Rainbow Six Siege will actually have any effect on player behavior, hopefully incidents of Rainbow Six hate speech will go down in the future, even if they don’t disappear.

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