Sony brought all its latest news about the PlayStation 4 and VR to E3 2018. And we have all of it right here.
Sony has arrived at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles with a press briefing showing off new titles and features coming to its PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR hardware. But if you missed the show or would rather just get the news without the awkward stage presentations, we’ve gathered all the news right here.
Check out all of our coverage and the trailers from Sony’s big show below.
Sony started out the night with a cinematic and some gameplay from developer Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us 2. We got a look at a personal moment between Ellie and her girlfriend at a party, and then we saw the returning hero kill a bunch of people in an overgrown city. Part II features the same combination of direct fighting and stealth that we got in the first entry. And it looks like we’re going to see Ellie deal with the tension between close relationships and her need to hit people in the face with hatchets to survive.
During a break in the presentation, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America Shawn Laydon dropped an interesting news bomb. New Game+ is coming to God of War. That’s great news for players who want to see how much easier they can destroy their Norse enemies with all of their unlocks done right up front.
Sony dropped the first story trailer for the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, Forsaken. The new content comes out September 4, and judging from this clip, it’s looking pretty bleak.
Developer Sucker Punch is branching out from anthropomorphic raccoons and electric superheroes with this samurai action game set during the Mongol invasion of Japan.
We’ve been wondering when we can expect something new from Alan Wake and Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment. And now we know. It’s called Control, and it looks super weird in all the best ways.
We may not have heard about that Final Fantasy VII remake at Square Enix’s show, but this will do. Capcom is bringing out a high-definition remake of its classic zombie-fighting title Resident Evil 2.
Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland is getting into games with t his unsurprisingly bizarre-looking PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR exclusive. We meet the Bathtub Guy… but for how long?
The Disney/Square RPG series is returning to a familiar haunt. Sony showed off a trailer that has Sora, Donald, and Goofy going back to the world of Pirates of the Caribbean. We got a look at digital versions of the characters and even a bit of ship combat.
We saw more gameplay than we’ve ever gotten of the upcoming Kojima-helmed Death Stranding. But that doesn’t mean the project makes any more sense.
Team Ninja’s following up its weird, death-obsessed title with a sequel. We assume it will have a lot of action in it. Probably with swords. And like horns and stuff.
Insomniac Games showed off a ton of gameplay from its upcoming Spider-Man game. And we saw a bunch of familiar enemies trying to take out our friendly neighborhood webslinger. The combat and navigation are also looking great.
This PlayStation VR exclusive comes courtesy of developer FromSoftware, whom we know best from the Demon’s/Dark Souls series and Bloodborne. This is about fairies, maybe? We don’t have a lot to go on here.
We’ll have more E3 coverage throughout the week.

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