Fortnite’s new season adds new winter-themed locations to the game, a new type of skin and an airplane
Fortnite season 7 is here and rather than change everything up with a new supernatural element, Epic is keeping things a little more basic with this new winter-themed season.
Among the largest additions coming to the game with this new season is a new vehicle, the X-4 Stormwing, an airplane that allows you to fly all around the map. Speaking of the map, there are quite a few new cities added this time around including places with names like Frosty Flights, Polar Peak and Happy Hamlet. There’s also an entirely new biome on the map called Iceberg which is probably about as cold, frozen and slippery as you would expect.
This patch also comes with the brand new Fortnite Creative mode which will let players build on their own personal islands, creating whatever they want and even making new game modes.
With all these changes coming to the game we’ve got a summary of what’s most important. But, for a full look at all the changes in Fortnite season 7check out our patch notes.
Yep, as part of the season 7 additions, there’s now an airplane in Fortnite. The plane is called the X-4 Stormwing and comes with five total seats, one for the pilot and four passengers. The pilot can also fire the machine gun mounted at the front of the plane, which can overheat, and of course the plane can do barrel rolls.

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