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Clinton tour on hold, Hillary goes to India for wedding celebration


The public shrugs.
Last week I wrote about the dismal ticket sales and very small audience attendance in response to Hillary and Bill Clinton’s road tour. I have a bit of an update now as things have gone from bad to worse for the once popular Democrat couple.
The funeral service for President George H. W. Bush on December 5 in Washington, D. C. provided cover for the Clintons to cancel their date in Houston for December 4, though there would have been plenty of time to do both if they so chose. As I previously wrote, ticket sales were extremely slow and then word came that the tickets being sold had been discounted up to 90% of the original price. Ouch. Hillary (or her staff) tweeted out that she and Bill look forward to coming to Houston in the near future.
Bill and I will be traveling to Washington to pay our respects to President George H. W. Bush and his family at the funeral this week.
We were greatly looking forward to being in Houston for our event this week, and are excited to come back next year as soon as we find a date.
— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) December 3,2018
Now it is reported that “An Evening with the Clintons” tickets are being sold on Groupon for $35.00 each. What a deal! That Groupon deal, by the way, is for an evening in Los Angeles. Wow. Even the liberal haven of L.A. seems to be over Bill and Hill.
For their May 19 show at The Forum in Inglewood, California, – which seats more than 17,000 – tickets usually priced at $77 are now going for $35, with $120 tickets discounted to $50, and $175 seats down to $72.

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