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Fallout 76 players bummed by bug fix that makes the game less friendly


Bethesda Game Studios released a new patch for Fallout 76 that changes the „Feed the People“ quest. Canned Meat was rewarded to every player on the server instead of every player participating — and players aren’t happy about that „bug fix.“
Bethesda Game Studios rolled out a massive patch for Fallout 76 on Windows PC today — console players will get the update later this week — that tweaks progression, smooths base building, adds new UI features and, of course, fixes a bunch of bugs.
One of those bugs fixes, however, is seriously bumming out players who enjoyed what they thought was a generous quest that benefited the entire server.
Here’s the patch note in question, from today’s Fallout 76 update:
Feed the People: Fixed an issue in which completing the Feed the People Event Quest granted Canned Meat Stew to all players on the server, rather than only the quest’s participants.
“Feed the People” is a repeatable, multi-stage event quest in which players need to collect ingredients and defend a series of food processing machines from attackers while their canned stew is being manufactured.

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