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Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and the power of women of color in 2020


Democrats must inspire and motivate women, especially African-Americans, to get them the polls to defeat Donald Trump in 2020.
Memo from U. S. Sen. Bernie Sanders to Joe Biden: Get ready for the boos.
That might be the best advice Sanders could offer Biden as the former vice president jumps into the 2020 presidential race.
Sanders “got a rocky reception” at She the People, The Guardian reported. He appeared Wednesday at the first-of-its-kind confab that convened 1,700 women of color to assess candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination. Eight aspirants spoke at the Houston forum.
I watched as the moderators grilled him on C-SPAN.
Sanders was asked, repeatedly, what are your specific plans and solutions to address the concerns and needs of women of color?
He responded in generalities, touting his platform that calls for free college tuition, hiking the national minimum wage, and humane immigration policies.
The Vermont senator won some applause, but also plenty of catcalls, groans, and boos.
He was asked: How would he “lead on” “the fight against white nationalism and white terrorist acts?” Sanders dodged.
He was asked again.
“I know I date myself a little bit here, but I actually was at the March on Washington with Dr.

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