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Trump denies he’s been told he’ll be indicted in classified documents probe


Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday denied reports claiming that federal prosecutors have notified him that he’ll likely soon face an indictment in the Justice Department’s investigation of his alleged mishandling of classified documents. 
“No one has told me I’m being indicted, and I shouldn’t be because I’ve done NOTHING wrong,” the 76-year-old former president wrote in a Truth Social post. 
“But I have assumed for years that I am a Target of the WEAPONIZED DOJ & FBI, starting with the Russia, Russia, Russia HOAX, the ‘No Collusion’ Mueller Report, Impeachment HOAX #1, Impeachment HOAX #2, the PERFECT Ukraine phone call, and various other SCAMS & WITCH HUNTS,” Trump added.
Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign also fired off an email to supporters Wednesday with a letter signed by the former president saying that he is monitoring the evolving situation.
“As of the time I’m writing this note to you, NO ONE has told me that I’m being indicted. I am watching everything unfold in real time just as you are,” the letter reads.
“But I’ve also read LEAKED REPORTS that the Biden-appointed special counsel is asking a Washington, D.C. grand jury to indict me…” Trump adds.
The former president’s missives come after a Wednesday report by Just the News indicating that special counsel Jack Smith’s team has informed Trump’s lawyers in recent days that charges related to mishandling national defense information, making false statements and obstruction of justice could be brought against Trump as soon as this week.

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