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How to beat Furnace Golems in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree


Furnace Golems — the huge fire enemies you come across out in the Elden Ring DLC — are challenging foes with unique rewards. Here’s how to beat them.
The Furnace Golem is one of the first enemies you’ll come across in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, and proves — like the main game’s Tree Sentinel — it doesn’t shy away from tough foes from the get-go.
The first towering, flaming monstrosity you find in the Gravesite Plain isn’t technically a boss — although it is tougher than plenty of them — nor is it the only one in the DLC.
Taking down a Furnace Golem requires some thought, so attacking it in the usual manner isn’t recommended — unless you want to be burnt to a crisp.
Our Elden Ring guide explains how to beat Furnace Golems, and the rewards for doing so.How to prepare for Furnace Golems
Though most Furnace Golems can be taken down the aid of additional items, the long and short of it is getting Hefty Fire Pots or, preferably, Hefty Furnace Pots, will aid you most in defeating them.
We have a separate guide on how to get Hefty Fire Pots and Hefty Furnace Pots, and can be crafted once you have the required materials. It’s worth noting to get a Hefty Furnace Pot, in most cases you need to have defeated a Furnace Golem first to get the crafting material required. See the problem?
When you do have one however, throwing one into the enormous basket — essentially the main body of the Furnace Golem — will deal significant damage, while the Hefty Fire Pots will take off one fifth of its health.

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