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11 CES videos you have to watch


NewsHubFor the armchair attendee, the CNET TV has spent the last week capturing what we saw. Here are the videos you need to see and for everything CES, see CNET’s complete coverage.
This gaming monster has three 17-inch 4K displays.
Razer’s three-screened gaming monster, Project Valerie , has a trio of 17-inch 4K displays. That’s right. A laptop that comes with three displays.
This prototype of the FF 91 may lack an interior, but it still goes like hell — and parks itself, too.
Samsung’s latest laundry pair has four individual compartments.
Yeah, it surprised us, too. But Samsung’s multi-unit washer/dryer pair is seriously bonkers.
The 3 millimeter thick, 18 pound LG W7 looks like no 65-inch TV you’ve ever seen.
The LG W7 series TV strips television’s form to the bare minimum but still delivers the world-beating picture quality of OLED.

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