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Nvidia shows self-driving supercomputer at CES, names it Xavier


NewsHubNvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang holds up Xavier, a powerful computer designed to be the brains of self-driving cars.
Nvidia founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang used his keynote address during CES 2017 to show off a new computer, named Xavier, to enable self-driving cars , and to lay out how the company’s self-driving car platform works.
Backing up his product announcements, Huang went on to call out new partnerships to cement Nvidia’s place in the automotive industry.
« We would like to turn every car into an [artificial intelligence], » Huang said. To support that goal, he brought Scott Keogh, Audi of America’s president, out onto the stage to announce a partnership that promises highly-automated Audi vehicles by 2020. The term highly-automated usually means cars that can drive themselves under certain circumstances, like while on certain freeways.
Automakers, automotive equipment suppliers and technology companies have all been working on self-driving car research. The goals around self-driving involve reducing or eliminating car accidents, which caused more than 30,000 deaths on US roads last year; reducing traffic, which wastes fuel and people’s time; and enabling automated car sharing services, which could make it possible for many people to live without the expense of a car.
During his keynote, Huang said Nvidia has been developing self-driving technology for 10 years.

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