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Orla is a $149 device that helps you sleep better by emitting scents into the air


NewsHubAt CES, there are always a massive amount of odd little devices that are unveiled and the Orla is no exception. But the story of Orla doesn’t start this year but instead begins with the company’s first product, the unusual but inventive alarm clock that offered a selection of pleasant aromas, such as peppermint or espresso, to wake up snoozers. Utilizing a similar technology, the folks at Sensorwake are back at it again, creating a device that will offer you a better night’s sleep.
The Orla utilizes the « the power of scents » to hopefully get people a better night’s rest. Using special « sleep enhancing fragrances » produced by fragrance and flavors crafter Givaudan, the Orla is able to emit fragrances into the air while you sleep that help you relax and fall asleep faster and also maintain a deep sleep cycle for a better quality of rest.

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