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PBS Kids, with a new channel, turns to tech old and new


NewsHub« Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood » and other PBS Kids favorites are getting their own network, a 24/7 free channel broadcast over the air and live-streamed online.
For one of its biggest channel launches in years, PBS realized that a crucial technology to complete its mission was one that’s existed since the dawn of TV: over-the-air signals.
On Monday, the public television programmer will fire up PBS Kids, a free channel of 24/7 educational children’s programming. It will have familiar shows like  » Sesame Street  » and  » Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood  » as well as new programming events like a Friday family night with movie premieres.
As befits the era of Netflix and Facebook Live, PBS will deliver the channel via online live stream, with plans for cutting-edge interactive teaching games and a library of videos on demand. But it will also fire up PBS Kids as a new over-the-air channel that almost anyone in the US should be able to access with just a TV and antenna.
« Our goal is to reach all children, » said Lesli Rotenberg, PBS’ general manager of children’s media. « We have a special emphasis on reaching those kids who need that help most: at risk, low-income, however you want to frame it.  »
Over-the-air broadcasting — the oldest TV technology there is — is enjoying a resurgence, a low-tech side effect of the popularity of digital video options.

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