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Texas Couple Brutally Attacked In ‘Knockout-Game’ Style Incident


NewsHubA Texas couple was the victim of a violent attack in what may have been part of the “knockout game.”
Ken Duble and his wife were walking down a street in Galveston last week, when three young males attacked him and struck him in the head. Duble required 11 stitches. Still, the attackers didn’t steal anything, and such an attack seems to fit the pattern of the “knockout game.” Galveston police are investigating the attack.
The purpose of the game is to attack strangers by punching them in the head so hard that they are immediately knocked out.
In 2011, an elderly man was killed in St. Louis after being attacked in the game.
Liberal news outlets have previously tried to downplay the existence of the game. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes gave the knockout game his award for “Most over-covered story of the year” in 2013, and said, “You get a sense of the racial politics and subtext — well, not even subtext — text.”
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