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Destiny 2 Ace of Spades Location: How to Unlock Cayde’s Gun


Unlocking Caydes Gun in Destiny 2 can be a tricky process, if you don’t know the exact Destiny 2 Ace of Spades location. Here’s everything you need to know.
Once you know how to unlock Cayde’s gun, you’ll be able to wield the weapon of the witty Hunter for yourself. Unfortunately, the Destiny 2 Ace of Spades location isn’t as straightforward as flying to the “X” mark on your map, holding the relevant button, and then claiming the weapon as your own. No, you’re going to have to complete a pretty huge task in order to earn the right to use this iconic gun. Here’s what you need to know about the Destiny 2 Ace of Spades location, and also how to unlock the Last Hand ornament, which adds some additional red accents.
Though it may be a lengthy process, depending on how long you take to complete the Destiny 2 Forsaken campaign, how to unlock Cayde’s gun is answered simply: do the main story quests.
Once you’ve completed the Forsaken story, you’ll get the broken Ace of Spades. You’ll want to take this to Banshee-44, who will then give you some additional tasks to complete. These involve playing the new Gambit mode, eliminating 250 enemies in strikes, achieving hand cannon headshots, and finding Cayde’s personal caches. Complete them all and report back to Banshee-44. He’ll then gift you the Ace of Spades hand cannon. Congratulations, Guardian!
The Destiny 2 Last Hand ornament is required to make the Ace of Spades look its coolest, adding badass red accents. Unfortunately, the Last Hand location is currently bound exclusively to Cayde’s Exotic Stash. This pre-order exclusive included the Last Hand ornament, Queen of Hearts exotic ship, Standoff emote, and Shades of Cayde-6 shaders.
It’s not clear if the Destiny 2 Last Hand Ace of Spades weapon ornament will be made available in other ways, as it’s certainly a possibility, but at time of writing, the only way to get it is to have pre-ordered Forsaken .

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