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Are You Creating, Curating, or Consuming?


Where do you create, curate, and consume the most tech content? Different platforms are built around different interactions.
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I’ve been thinking lately about my own interactions online, especially around content. There are three main ways that I work with content: creating, curating, and consuming. Each has their own place, but I’ll start by outlining each one.
Creating content is all about putting your own creations out for others to share. I’ve had this blog longer than I care to discuss, and certainly since before microblogging was really a thing. It’s a much lower investment to throw out a quick tweet about something, and in lots of cases, it’s a more appropriate medium (I no longer write blog posts about upcoming conferences, for example). I often find myself wishing, especially when reading a good Twitter thread, that more in-depth thoughts were being created and then shared in a way that makes sense for that content. I still use my blog and share words as well as code here, but sometimes I’m in the minority! I put my photos on Flickr but am also exploring Instagram for more abstract photography and pictures of stuff I have made myself.

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