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The Echo Wall Clock can help you keep track of multiple Alexa timers


Amazon just launched the Echo Wall Clock announced at its September new hardware device event in Seattle. The Echo Wall Clock is an analog clock that also indicates the minutes remaining on one or more Alexa timers. With the Echo Wall Clock, Alexa users won’t have to ask the voice assistant how much time remains.
After you’ve set an Alexa timer do you ask, “Alexa, how much time is left on the timer?” several times while it’s running? If you set more than one timer, do you get confused about which is which? If either case is true for you, Amazon’s new Echo Wall Clock (EWC) could be the answer.
In addition to doing duty as an easy-to-read analog wall clock, The 10-inch diameter EWC displays your active times with LED lights in the minute positions around the clock face edge.
When you set a timer, say for 12 minutes, the first 12 LEDs light up, starting at the top. As time passes, the LEDs turn off in a minute-by-minute countdown.

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