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Black Friday: How COVID Pandemic Changed Shopping Habits in 2020


Covid-19 has changed people’s behaviour in many different ways but Christmas is still Christmas and presents still need to be bought which means that Black Friday will…
Black Friday marks the start of the holiday shopping season when millions of people go out to stores to buy their Christmas presents. But the global pandemic means that this year will be very different from previous years in several key aspects: First the bad news. Good deals will be thin on the ground – previous Black Fridays have seen some amazing bargains but many sought-after items are going to be in short supply this year due to supply chain disruptions so promotions might not be as good as they usually are. The good news of course is that those shoppers who are fortunate enough to be able to go out and spend their cash in person, whether in their favourite city centre shopping boulevards or out of town shopping malls, will find things somewhat less hectic than they are accustomed to It seems unlikely that they will have to put up with scenes like this ASDA store in London where fights broke out and customers trampled each other in the rush to grab themselves a new tv set. And they almost certainly won’t have to put up with craziness as seen in a Victoria’s Secret outlet in Chattanooga, Tennessee two years ago when customers stampeded to get their hands on the latest ladies’ fashions.

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