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Tab minimalists look away: Vivaldi introduces two-level tab stacks


My god, it’s full of tabs
Browser maker Vivaldi is tackling the issue of tab overload by adding a second row of the things via two-level tab stacks. Tab stacks have long been a feature of the Vivaldi browser. Indeed, the company’s CEO Jon von Tetzchner was at the helm of veteran browser maker Opera when tabbed browsing became commonplace. The stacking concept is no longer a such distinctive feature. The likes of Chrome will cheerfully permit the grouping of tabs, for example, for those unable to keep their browsing habits under control. Those same users probably have desktops spattered with shortcuts too. The monsters. Recognising that the mere stacking of tabs might not cut it for all, Vivaldi’s designers have upped the ante with the introduction of two-level tab stacks. While the original implementation had stacks taking up no more space than a single tab, keeping things compact and tidy, the two-level option shows the content of the stack on a new line, with full-size tabs that can be fiddled with like any other tab. It also works regardless of the preferred placement of the tabs: top, bottom or side.

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