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EBI Inc. background check service review


EBI Inc. is a customizable background check service to help optimize your talent acquisition process.
Hiring an applicant for a position at a job can easily turn into a painful and convoluted process. There have always been challenges and pitfalls at every step along the way, from the screening of applicants to the whole interview process. Now there are new difficulties, such as the challenges with COVID-19 and mandated testing requirements, or the need for a background check to now not only encompass prior criminal activity, but also a plethora of social media accounts as well. With a recent hiring surge, the ability to streamline the process has gone from a want to a requirement. EBI Inc is a company that is designed to deal with these challenges of hiring applicants for your workforce. It offers an array of services, such as background checks, drug testing, criminal record checks, and pre-employment screenings to offload these tasks from your Human Resources department, and outsource them to this company that brings decades of experience with these matters into your company with accreditation from the National Association of Background Screeners (NAPBS). After all, especially smaller HR Depts. will not have the in-house staff to deal with all of these complicated matters. Oh, and in case you were wondering, EBI stands for Employment Background Investigations, which is based in the US in Owings Mills, Maryland. EBI offers a variety of services that can serve the needs and act as a partner for the screening and onboarding of candidates. It can also be part of the ongoing relationship of a company to manage employees, such as with occupational health, or ongoing drug screening. Other services offered cover areas including onboarding, credit checks, social media screening and background checks among a long list of available options. Let’s take a closer look at the background checks that EBI offers.

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