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#AustraliaHasFallen Used To Spread Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories After Novak Djokovic Deportation


But here’s how some Australians have hijacked the hashtag in response.
The hashtag #AustraliaHasFallen is trending on Twitter once again. Why? Has the entire country of Australia tripped on a garden hose or a wombat and tumbled into a vat of vegemite? Not exactly. As I covered for Forbes on Sunday, the Australian government has now deported tennis star Novak Djokovic for not complying with Covid-19 vaccination requirements. These are same Covid-19 precautions that Australians and other tennis players at the Australian Open have been following because the world is in the midst of, you know, a Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. Yet, some have been claiming that Djokovic’s deportation is somehow a sign that Australia has “fallen” to what they’re calling a “tyrannical regime.” Yes, they’re using “tyrannical regime” to describe Australia. This is the country that typically has a far greater percentage of the population voting in national elections than the United States. Australia ranks higher than the U.S. on The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index as well. Throughout the pandemic, the states and territories have been implementing many of Covid-19 precautions rather than the federal government. Oh, and Australia hasn’t recently had a political leader try to stay in power despite being vote out of national office. Ah, but who cares about facts, right? Some people outside of Australia have been throwing around the “tyrannical regime” phrase as if it were shrimp on a barbie, with barbie here meaning barbeque and not the plastic doll with the 39-18-33 measurements. Take a look, for example, what Gillian McKeith, who runs a Wellness and Weight Loss Club out of the U.K. and not Australia, tweeted: Coerced to take a medical procedure? It’s not as if Australia were requiring Djokovic to get Botox or breast implants to play in the Australian Open. Vaccination against diseases such as measles, pertussis, and hepatitis has long been a requirement for those growing up in the U.S. or wanting to enter the country. How often have you heard, “yeah, my kid had to get some medical procedures to go to school” though? Vaccination is not a medical procedure like a butt lift. Other are not going to be affected whether a tennis player has more or less booty.

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