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Realme's Naruto Phone Charges Faster Than Our Entire Electrical System


The anime ninja Naruto is known for running fast. A new phone with his branding can charge faster than the US allows.
A new phone branded with the popular anime Naruto charges faster than the US electrical system allows, according to its maker Realme. The Realme GT Neo3 Naruto Edition charges at 150 watts (using a 160-watt adapter), which can charge the phone to 50% within five minutes. But that’s only in countries that use more vigorous 220/240V home electricity than the US, Realme tells me. Realme doesn’t sell its phones in the US at all, and this special phone will only be sold in China, so that’s not a huge issue. On a 120v system like ours, it charges at 125w, which is still faster than any US phone. The fastest-charging US phone is the 65w OnePlus 10 Pro, which has the same parent company as Realme. Naruto is a super-popular manga franchise about ninjas, which was the backbone of the world’s most prominent manga magazine, Shonen Jump, for years. It became a 72-volume book series, and two anime series totaling 720 episodes. In internet culture, it’s most popular for the « Naruto run », where characters throw their arms behind them to achieve greater speed. Realme is one of several brands of mobile-phone conglomerate BBK, which also owns Oppo, Vivo, Iqoo, and OnePlus. Realme’s devices are designed to market to a youthful audience. That’s fast. The co-branded phone comes in a unique leather scroll case, a signature object from the manga.

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