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Manhunt! Another Donut Driver Harms Pride Mural


Maybe they shouldn’t paint Pride murals on the street? 
Just sayin’. 
There is yet another manhunt for a person who defaced a Pride flag (is it a flag if it is just rainbow stripes) painted at an intersection in Saint Petersburg, Florida. This is the second hate donut incident in as many weeks, instilling terror in the hearts of all St. Pete gays. 
BREAKING: A manhunt is underway after a driver left tire marks on a pride mural in St. Pete, FL.
He will be charged will a felony count of criminaI mischief if they find him. pic.twitter.com/6e1sYsCXhh— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) May 27, 2024
According to St. Petersburg Pride Poohbah Dr. Byron Green-Calisch, the mural is a « love letter » to the gay community, declaring that all are welcome in Saint Petersburg. How nice. 
You may remember another such incident earlier this year in which a college student defaced a Pride intersection in Delray Beach by doing burnouts. He was charged with a felony, as will this perp should he be caught. 
Maybe they shouldn’t paint Pride murals in the streets?
More people in BDSM and “puppy play” gear participate in the Toronto Pride Parade, which has many children in attendance.
Footage by @PuffinsPictures pic.twitter.com/0ecOCHgJLs— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) June 27, 2022
Over the past few years, we have seen riots that have burned down swathes of cities, vandals destroying statues, occupations defacing college campuses, and climate change activists attacking artworks, gluing themselves to roads, and throwing paint on buildings. 
Little to nothing is done about any of these things. 
But leaving tire marks on an actual road is a felony worthy of a manhunt. 
.@HCPSS is holding an LGBTQ Pride Prom for LGBTQ students and allies. The Emcee is a dr*g queen who performed for children and told them to « be naughty » and « take the money » which seemed to suggest to kids to become dr*g performers.
Why is a public school inviting grown men who… pic.twitter.com/MvMT9tnG5B— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) May 6, 2024
Some people are more equal than others, that’s for sure. Nobody is above the law except those who are above the law.

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