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Samsung CES 2017 Event Live Blog


NewsHub05:01PM EST — We’re here at Samsung’s CES Press Conference. Josh is on photos and Billy is on text.
05:01PM EST — The stage props suggest a home automation theme
05:03PM EST — Intro video rolling. Refrigerator and curved monitors
05:03PM EST — Tim Baxter, President and COO of Samsung Electronics America
05:04PM EST — «This was a challenging year for Samsung»
05:04PM EST — «despite our setbacks, we have not stopped innovating»
05:05PM EST — more than 5M Gear VR devices
05:07PM EST — 3 key areas of focus
05:07PM EST — 1. build products that fit your life
05:07PM EST — appliances, lightweight mobile computers
05:07PM EST — 2. «elegant, thoughtful design»
05:08PM EST — «just as beautiful turned off as turned on»
05:08PM EST — 3. IoT: «not just a buzzword, it guides our strategy»
05:08PM EST — building a more expansive set of connected devices
05:09PM EST — «we have IoT products in every appliance category»
05:09PM EST — «because that’s what consumers want»
05:09PM EST — every Samsung TV will be a smart TV
05:09PM EST — features/services like Samsung SmartThings and Samsung Pay
05:10PM EST — acquiring Harman for automotive technology
05:11PM EST — now playing a video about Samsung’s TVs
05:12PM EST — customers listing what they want from their next TV: 4k, HDR, streaming
05:13PM EST — on stage: Joe Stinziano, Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics America
05:13PM EST — UHD market grew 70% last year
05:13PM EST — Samsung has 46.4% TV market share in US
05:14PM EST — Quantum Dot technology: improved image quality
05:14PM EST — no degradation over time like with OLED
05:15PM EST — branded as Samsung QLED TV
05:15PM EST — being revealed on stage
05:16PM EST — supports «nearly all» of DCI P3 color space
05:17PM EST — 1500-2000 nits brightness
05:18PM EST — TV connects through one optical cable to a breakout box
05:18PM EST — no-gap wall mount
05:19PM EST — multiple options for stands
05:20PM EST — showing a TV with a wood bezel, mimicing a picture frame
05:21PM EST — now on stage: Won Jin Lee, Executive Vice President, Samsung Electronics
05:21PM EST — talking about TV as a hub for entertainment
05:23PM EST — virtual remote: Smart View app for Android and iOS
05:24PM EST — personalized discovery: unifying watching recommendations from multiple sources
05:25PM EST — including sports streaming from multiple partners
05:25PM EST — 4k and HDR streaming from Netflix and Amazon built-in
05:26PM EST — TV Plus for US market: find and buy 4k content
05:27PM EST — Joe Stinziano back on stage, talking about audio innovations
05:28PM EST — expanding line of sound bars with Samsung Sound+ soundbar
05:28PM EST — bass down to 35Hz, can attach directly to TV
05:29PM EST — upscaling to 32-bit audio (as if that matters)
05:30PM EST — second generation UHD blu-ray players
05:30PM EST — 31.

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