The original Blade 15 arrived as an SSD-only laptop, but Razer decided to introduce a dual-storage model based on feedback from the gaming community.
Razer’s Blade 15 gaming laptop is getting a new model that’s a little thicker but has more memory and will cost you less.
This «dual storage» model includes both SSD and HDD memory and lowers the gaming laptop’s starting price to $1,599. You’ll get 128GB of SATA SDD on top of a 1TB HDD. If you’re willing to pay $1,799, you can upgrade the dual storage to a faster 256GB PCI Express SSD, and get a 2TB HDD.
The earlier version of the Blade 15, which launched in May starting at $1,899, arrived as an SSD-only laptop. However, the company decided to introduce a dual-storage model based on feedback from the gaming community, Razer product marketing director Kevin Sather told PCMag.
The addition of the HDD drive means the dual-storage model is about 0.10 inches thicker than the single-storage version. (The new model’s full dimensions measure at 0.78 by 13.98 by 9.25 inches.) To cut costs, Razer also swapped out the original Blade 15’s cooling mechanism, a vapor chamber, for a traditional heat pipe.
On the plus side, Razer had enough room on the thicker laptop to add a Gigabit Ethernet port—another request from the gaming community not found on the single-storage version.
The dual-storage model also comes with a slightly different keyboard, which can back light every key, but only in a single color. In contrast, the single-storage model can illuminate every key in a different color, but doesn’t back light the tiny function symbols on each key. (You can look at this picture to see what we mean.)
Although the new dual-storage model is a little thicker, it actually weighs a little less than the single-storage version, but you’ll still get up to six hours of battery life.
In terms of specs, the dual-storage model comes with a 15.6-inch HD screen at 60Hz, an eighth-generation Intel Core i7-8750H processor, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 Max-Q graphics card.
PCMag reviewed the single storage Blade 15 in June and gave it an «excellent» score for its thin and sleek design. However, we did note that it was a bit expensive, so it’s good to see Razer expanding the laptop’s configurations and making it more afforable.
The Blade 15 dual-storage model goes on sale today in the US, Canada, and China and can be bought on, in addition from retailers such as Amazon.
With the introduction of the dual-storage product, Razer will retire the $1,899 version of the single-storage Blade 15, so buy it while supplies last. Single-storage machines will now start at $2,199, but they will come in a new color: Mercury White. Look for that later this year on in limited quantities.

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