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Donald Trump Tried to Sell Argentina Weapons at G20 Summit but Was Rejected


President Trump floated the possibility of military purchases, but Argentina’s foreign ministry said the country did not have the funds to buy weapons from the U. S.
Argentine President Mauricio Macri and President Donald Trump struck up a host of deals on the sidelines of the G20 summit, including investments in infrastructure and energy projects. But the idea of buying weapons from Washington was off the table.
Argentina’s Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie told reporters that a number of issues were discussed during the meeting behind closed doors. While the possibility of selling U. S. military equipment was allegedly floated during the encounter, Argentina emphasized that it did not have the funds to make any purchase. “At this very moment, we’re not in the best position of acquiring military weapons from anywhere,” Faurie said, according to Argentine newspaper El Clarín.
President of Argentina Mauricio Macri greets U. S. President Donald Trump upon his arrival during the opening day of Argentina G20 Leaders’ Summit 2018 at Costa Salguero on November 30 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Daniel Jayo/Getty Images
The minister’s statements were apparently a response to Trump’s remarks during a press conference at Macri’s Casa Rosada residence earlier on Friday.

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