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Saying farewell to a beloved president


HedI could not help it. Even before the first song, This is My Country, was over, the tears came and continued throughout the service. Not only…
We need his inspiration
I could not help it. Even before the first song, «This is My Country,» was over, the tears came and continued throughout the service. Not only for a noble life belonging to a very special member of that greatest generation closing softly, but the accompanying sadness that President George H. W. Bush’s dream and vision of a kinder and gentler nation was in jeopardy.
My hope would be that this tribute will be his last great act of service to the country he loved and encourage us to follow his example. When it came to tolerance and love, he was one of us sheep. When it came to courage and conviction, he was the shepherd.
Ted M. Moore, Dallas/Preston Hollow Do the right thing
This year the country lost Sen. John McCain and now President George H. W. Bush. It’s my hope that local, state and congressional leaders and citizens take a moment and step back to understand what these men have given to our country. Their decisions were always based on what is right for the country and at times with great political risk. Their measure of bravery is to be celebrated and emulated.
If you do the right thing, it’s always going to be the right thing. The ultimate question will be: Do our leaders and citizens follow the legacy of these gentlemen or will it be just a short-term inspiration and we go back to status quo? Only time will tell. I remain hopeful.
Michael Scott, Plano Bumper sticker wisdom
As a retired public educator, deep in the heart of Texas, I have had one of those moments of clarity that I would like to share.
As I pondered the picture of President George H. W. Bush’s service dog, Sully, lying by his casket, I reflected also on the president’s service to our country as well as the many accolades from dignitaries, government officials and everyday people who knew him. He was obviously a spiritual man, a man of intellect, a man of grace and compassion, and a man of service to others.
Then came a moment where my mind went to a remembrance of a critical philosophical comment that I had read some time back. This wonderful comment was on, of all things, a bumper sticker. I wish I could provide this bumper sticker to every elected official in our country in relation to the leadership and memory of Bush and Sully.
The bumper sticker simply and eloquently said, «Be the person your dog thinks you are.»
God bless our beloved country, those who defend it and those who wait for the safe return of those defenders.
Austin Sterling, Whitney Puts Trump in perspective
Frank Bruni of The New York Times offers a poignant observation about responses to the passing of President George H. W. Bush: «We like our villains without redemption and our heroes without blemish. What happened to shades of gray?»
I agree and admit to being moved deeply by the eulogies of President George H. W. Bush on Monday at the Capitol rotunda. That those eulogies were delivered by people with whom I have significant political disagreements matters not one whit.

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