Домой United States USA — Financial Stock market plunges as Wall Street gives Trump’s China deal another look

Stock market plunges as Wall Street gives Trump’s China deal another look


Why is the stock market down today? Trump’s «Tariff Man» tweet is part of the story.
Stock market investors appear to be signaling they believe President Donald Trump ’s trade compromise with China is a bit of a dud.
Wall Street was initially encouraged by Trump’s Saturday deal with Chinese President Xi Jinping in which both sides agreed to a 90-day timeout of the US-China trade war. Major United States stock indexes climbed on Monday amid optimism the US and China might strike a deal, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which Trump often touts, gaining nearly 300 points.
But after investors had a second day to think about US-China trade relations, they appear to have changed their minds on how optimistic they feel. The Dow plunged on Tuesday, falling nearly 800 points by market close, and the S&P 500 and Nasdaq saw deep declines as well. All three major indexes ended the day down by 3 percent or more.
Trump isn’t the only factor making markets edgy — there are concerns about a potential economic slowdown and the Federal Reserve’s interest rate path as well.
But Wall Street is sending a clear signal that, upon closer inspection, Trump’s trade war détente with China isn’t looking so hot — especially after a string of tweets from the president this morning indicated he has no problem going back to a trade war if a broader agreement isn’t reached in the next three months.
In one tweet, Trump referred to himself as a “ Tariff Man .” The Wall Street Journal reports that after those tweets, the Dow fell by 200 points .

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