The stakes are high as Samsung prepares to release the Galaxy S10 at a February 20 event. Here’s how the company can regain its smartphone mojo.
This year will see the 10th version of Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone. And as the tech giant prepares for a Feb. 20 event where it’s expected to unveil the latest edition of the mobile device, the stakes couldn’t be higher.
Samsung Galaxy S9. Credit: Tom’s Guide
The global smartphone market has cooled off considerably from a few years ago, when the latest models released by Samsung and Apple would slug it out for smartphone supremacy. These days, though, people are holding out longer between smartphone upgrades, and that’s having an impact on sales.
«This hits Samsung twice,» said Avi Greengart, research director for consumer devices at GlobalData. «It makes the most popular Android phones, and it builds smartphone components that it uses and it sells to its competitors. Samsung really needs to make a phone that entices consumers to upgrade.»
That much became clear in the last week, when Samsung put out a warning that revenue and profits will be down for the holiday quarter due in part to «intensifying competition in the smartphone business.» Translation: Samsung is selling fewer phones, with other Android device makers siphoning off the shoppers who are looking to upgrade.
It’s not that last year’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ were disappointing phones. They featured bright screens, improved cameras and solid performance powered by what was Qualcomm’s best mobile processor at the time. But the phones didn’t look any different from the Galaxy S8, and new features such as AR Emoji failed to excite.
Samsung will have to up its game if it’s looking to reignite smartphone sales with the Galaxy S10. Here’s how the company can make a bigger splash when the new phone makes its debut on Feb. 20.
Samsung’s Infinity Displays helped usher in the current trend toward expansive smartphone screens with minimal bezels. There’s no need to abandon that design, though a tweak here or there could freshen things up while also potentially squeezing in a little extra screen real estate.
Samsung Galaxy S9. Credit: Tom’s Guide
Based on rumors surrounding the S10, Samsung may be planning on doing just that. The upcoming phone is expected to debut a punch-hole look for the front display with a small opening in the upper right corner of the phone’s screen to house the front camera. That would let Samsung continue to offer expansive screens on its phones without having to use a notch like some phone makers have resorted to in order to accomodate a front camera.
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«Design is definitely an area of focus,» Greengart said. «Samsung was actually the first vendor with an edge-to-edge display, but now that’s not enough.»
Samsung could slip something else under the AMOLED display of its next phone — a fingerprint sensor.

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