Домой United States USA — Art Is ‘Jeopardy!’ phenom James Holzhauer’s reign finally over?

Is ‘Jeopardy!’ phenom James Holzhauer’s reign finally over?


A leaked video of Monday night’s episode appears to show a spoiler.
James Holzhauer’s long reign on “Jeopardy!” appears to be heading for its finale on Monday’s episode of the game show, according to an apparently leaked video clip that circulated Sunday.
“My kid cried about the possibility of her dad losing, so I told her we could have a party the day after it inevitably happens. Now she cries when I win,” the Las Vegas resident tweeted Sunday as the video made the rounds on social media.
Holzhauer, a 34-year-old professional gambler, had racked up more than $2 million as of Friday and had done so at the fastest rate ever. He used a strategy that involved approaching the board out of order, hunting for Daily Doubles and handling high-dollar-value clues as soon as possible.
He also incorporated big-money bets on Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy that again and again put him over the top against his competitors.

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