Домой United States USA — China Expert exposes 'forged' claims of China on Tibet

Expert exposes 'forged' claims of China on Tibet


An expert Hon-Shiang Lau Retired Chair Professor City University of Hong Kong exposed forged claims of China on Tibet
Washington [US], June 25 (ANI): An expert Hon-Shiang Lau, Retired Chair Professor, City University of Hong Kong, exposed «forged» claims of China on Tibet. He said that Tibet was never part of China anywhere in its pre-1949 history, reported Tibet Rights Collective (TRC). He also proved that the PRC’s evidence of sovereignty over Tibet is based on not only distortions but outright fabrications and forgeries of pre-1949 Chinese records. In a written testimony for the Congressional-Executive Commission on China hearing on ‘Tibet: Barriers to Settling an Unresolved Conflict’, Hon-Shiang observed that China’s pre-1949 official historical records clearly show that, before the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) invaded Tibet in 1950, Tibet was never part of China.

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