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56 Hidden Tattoos That Will Satisfy Your Craving For New Ink


These hidden tattoos are located in the best spots to hide tattoos. They’re so discreet, no one will know you have any ink at all.
The hips are a great hiding place for tattoos. This area makes the design only visible when you’re wearing a cropped top or swimsuit.
This gorgeous tattoo is placed on the ear, hiding it in plain sight.
This hidden tattoo features a delicate branch.
This hidden tattoo of a seashell is placed on the ribs.
Angel-number tattoos are small, easy to hide, and super cute.
You can get an entire space scene behind your ear as a hidden tattoo if you make it small enough.
Pay tribute to your furry friend with a paw-print tattoo on your foot or toe.
The rib cage is one of the most popular places to hide tattoos.
The back of your ear is a great spot for minimalist hidden tattoos.
The back of the ear is one of the best and cutest hiding places for a tattoo.
Another popular hidden tattoo spot is the back and spine area.
The inside of your fingers is a good spot for hidden tattoos.
A small, red heart around the ribs is an excellent first tattoo.
Hide your tattoo in plain sight with a delicate fine-line design.
Your big toe is a good place to hide a cute, silly tattoo.
This hidden tattoo features the word «happiness» in a dainty cursive font.
The shoulders are a great place for a hidden tattoo of a quote.
The back of the arm holds many possibilities for different kinds of tattoos like quotes and lettering.
This hidden tattoo features a cute, dainty butterfly right on the hipbone.

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